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May 13, 2022

What happens when you combine romance, suspense, and the Amish?  You get a totally new twist on some familiar genres and tropes, as you discover with Mary Alford's upcoming release, Among the Innocent.  Listen in as we talk about the Amish, the location, and Mary's writing journey to where she is today.

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Why Does Evil Lurk Among the Innocent and Vulnerable?

Oh, so many reasons, and that's one of the things that suspense--both romantic and straight-up--explores.  In this novel, Mary Alford explains just what happens when a killer targets Amish women and shows what one Amish woman did to do something about it.

Mary Alford started out writing suspense, found it wasn't quite right for her, switched to other things, and finally settled into where she's most comfortable. Just as authors sometimes begin books that need time to percolate or morph into something else, sometimes they need new insight into what they should be writing. Mary shows us how that worked out in her own life.

A prolific author of books for Love Inspired Suspense, Mary Alford's first book with Revell releases on June 7th, and oh boy am I excited.  My copy is sitting in Revell's warehouse, waiting to be shipped to me.  Eeep!

All in all, we had a lovely chat, and I really enjoyed getting to know someone I've read about but never actually talked to!

Among the Innocent by Mary Alford

When Leah Miller's entire Amish family was murdered ten years ago, the person believed responsible took his own life. Since then, Leah left the Amish and joined the police force. Now, after another Amish woman is found murdered with the same MO, it becomes clear that the wrong man may have been blamed for her family's deaths.

As Leah and the new police chief, Dalton Cooper, work long hours struggling to fit the pieces together in order to catch the killer, they can't help but grow closer. When secrets from both of their pasts begin to surface, an unexpected connection between them is revealed. But this is only the beginning. Could it be that the former police chief framed an innocent man to keep the biggest secret of all buried? And what will it mean for Leah--and Dalton--when the full truth comes to light?

USA Today bestselling author Mary Alford keeps you guessing as two determined souls plumb the dark depths of the past in order to forge a brighter future--together.

Learn more about Mary Alford on her WEBSITE.

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