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Sep 17, 2021

Author of When Dignity Came to Harlan, Rebecca Duvall Scott tells the true family story of sisters separated from each other and sent to live with strangers.  What happens next is both heartbreaking and inspiring, and the continuing story in her recent release Teaching Dignity leads into a tale that is so unbelievable that...

I actually had to have another friend join us because two "too crazy to be believed" family stories are so similar we just had to compare them.

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When Truth Is So Crazy No One Would Ever Believe It

This has to be one of the most unexpected and cool episodes ever. After botching the intro so many times that I couldn't stop laughing (got Rebecca's name wrong, her book title wrong, you name it),  she told me her great grandmother's story, and guys... wow.

Look, I started reading When Dignity Came to Harlan before the interview, but after chatting with her about it, and after learning the hardcover was on sale (it's only 8.97  as I'm typing this on 9/17/21), I had to go buy one.  I just didn't manage to get the paperback I'd already put in my cart removed. More on that in a bit.

Rebecca tells about how she'd planned for two books, but readers wanted more, so she now has three planned, and the first two are available--When Dignity came to Harlan and Teaching DignityThe third book tells the story of her grandmother's "romance" and oh my word.  As she told the real story, my eyes bugged out (bet she's glad she couldn't see).


Because I'd heard that story before. Almost the exact same one. Different states, slightly different details, same main story.  WHAT?  It's hard enough to believe it happened once, but twice?  And in the same general area of the country?  You've got to listen to this!

This episode was supposed to come out two weeks ago, but thanks to internet troubles and fires, I wasn't able to do it, so now you don't even have to wait for Teaching Dignity.  

Teaching Dignity by Rebecca Duvall Scott.

From best-selling and award-winning author, Rebecca Duvall Scott, comes the sequel to the Christian historical fiction novel, When Dignity Came to Harlan.

“Rebecca Duvall Scott proves, once again, that she is a masterful storyteller, creating a cast of loveable characters thrust into a world that is both peaceful and perilous, tender and troubling. Fans of When Dignity Came to Harlan will delight in this sweet, touching story of love, hope, redemption, and faith. If you’re looking for a gentle story that warms your heart and touches your soul, look no further than Teaching Dignity.” – Lori Nelson Spielman, New York Times bestselling author of The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany

Teaching Dignity evokes every human emotion. The history is rich, the hardships are difficult to bear, and the grit displayed time after time brings vice and virtue sharply into focus. Touching the depths of the reader’s spirit, this story will leave a lasting impression.” – Mary Jo Thayer, author of Close to the Soul, an Amazon #1 Hot New Release in Religious Fiction

As a first-year teacher fresh out of college, Miss Anna Beth Atwood is struggling to find her own path both inside and outside the one-room schoolhouse.

The trials of the Great Depression, racial segregation, social class division, and domestic violence don’t make her job any easier, but the real challenge will be confronting – and overcoming – her traumatic past once and for all.

Heartfelt, emotional, and painfully honest, the story of Teaching Dignity is a shining light in the darkest times. Written by award-winning author of When Dignity Came to Harlan, Anna Beth’s journey into adulthood reminds readers of the important adage “To thine own self be true,” but more importantly… where could we go but to the Lord?

Walk in Anna Beth’s shoes and see firsthand how the rekindling of one woman’s faith has the power to not only help her students and community but herself as well.

Find out more about Rebecca at her WEBSITE. 

She has links to social media, a newsletter sign-up, and if you click on her Dignity series page, she has lots of helpful stuff including a link to her Facebook group!

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