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Sep 27, 2022

I had a lovely chat with Kim Vogel Sawyer a couple of weeks ago, all about her newest novel, Still My Forever. I'll never see tubas or Music Man the same again. Listen in for her inspiration for this book and her next!

Quick note: the audio on my end of the episode is horrible, and I can't figure out why. I did nothing different, but... *shrugs* Sorry!

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You Never Know What Will Inspire an Author's Next Great Book

During our chat, Kim Vogel Sawyer talked about how the photo of the pack librarians of the 1930s had inspired many books a few years ago and how a photo of a boy's band in Kansas inspired her latest book, Still My Forever. I just loved the sound of a Music Man-esque novel about boys bands in Kansas... and in a Mennonite community!  EEEP!. How cool is that?

Though she writes from the 1860-1930s, Kim said the Depression era holds a special place in her heart. I bought her recommended Depression book inspired by her husband's... grandmother? Great grandmother?  Can't recall. Sounds heart-rendingly beautiful to me. So a photograph here, a family story there... and she even told us that her next book was inspired by her research for this one!  I for one cannot wait!

Still My Forever by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Can a frustrated composer find new inspiration with the woman who once made his heart sing? From the bestselling author of Freedom’s Song comes a charming romance inspired by a real historical figure.

“A melodious second-chance romance.”—Publishers Weekly

Four years after leaving town to make a name for himself as a composer, Gilbert Baty has returned temporarily to Falke, Kansas. Now, he’s trying to keep everyone from learning the truth about his disastrous years in New York City. He hopes to start writing music again in Falke, but he can’t help being distracted by Ava Flaming, the brown-eyed baker to whom he was briefly engaged before he ended things—and who still stirs feelings in him he knows he has no right to pursue.

Ava had thought she was past the loss of Gil Baty. But to her dismay, she’s as drawn to him as ever. The situation only gets worse when Gil establishes a youth band in Falke, showing once more what a good man he is.

But when the band has a chance to compete in a statewide competition, Ava faces the prospect of heartbreak again. Could music take Gil away forever this time? Or might God be stirring in Ava’s and Gil’s hearts a new song that will draw them together for good?

You can learn more about Kim Vogel Sawyer on her WEBSITE.

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