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Jul 7, 2023

Double Selah Award-winning romantic suspense author, Sarah Hamaker, chatted with me this week about her Cold War Legacy series, and whoa... guys! What a cool idea!  We're talking about contemporary romantic suspense influenced by things that happened during the Cold War.  How can it be anything but amazing?  Listen in and see!

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Thought the Cold War Was Over? This Romantic Suspense Series Says Think Again!

When I heard that Sarah Hamaker's book won the Selah Award for Romantic Suspense, I wasn't exactly surprised. While a new-to-me author, the premise of that book sounded amazing. Of course, she won! But when I discovered she also won their BOOK OF THE YEAR as well, well... I stood up and listened.

And I added three more books to my overloaded July TBR. #BecauseGluttonForLiteraryPunishment

Using what could have happened during the Cold War behind the Berlin Wall in East Germany is a catalyst for what happens today, Sarah Hamaker has penned a compelling series concept that I for one, can't wait to read.

Next up is a 9-1-1 dispatch idea, that I also am eager to read. What's not to love?

The Dark Reckoning by Sarah Hamaker

A good deed turns into a search for a missing woman.

When Isana Thomas finds a smartphone among the cherry trees, her life is put in jeopardy. Isana discovers the phone belongs to Lillian Hillam, whose son, Cyrus “Cy” Hillam, works at The Heritage Museum with Isana. But Lillian is missing, and someone doesn’t want the pair to find her.

Cy can’t believe his mother would disappear without telling him, not after his father’s suicide when he was a child. Then kidnappers claiming to have Lillian contact him, asking to exchange her life for a list of names. Cy and Isana must delve deep into his parents’ past to find the list and save his mother’s life.

But someone doesn’t want them to succeed and will do anything to stop their search. Will Cy and Isana uncover the truth about the list before their lives are snuffed out?

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