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May 9, 2023

The latest in the Last Chance Fire and Rescue series releases soon, and I got to chat with author Emilie Haney about the book, her other books, her cover design business, and a tiny bit about her ghostwriting! Listen in and see why she auditioned to be part of this series and what other genres she's written in!

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What Exciting Things Does This Author Bring to Last Chance County?

Expired Promise by Emilie Haney promises (no pun intended, I promise) to be chock full of suspense and romance, and I for one am on board. We chatted about her characters, what makes them tick, and... what she can't tell us because no one likes spoilers! (Okay, some people do but I'm not one of them. Save me from the spoilers!)

In the end, we have a great romantic suspense novel by a woman who knows her romance, knows her mystery, and has worked with Lisa Phillips on this baby, so we know she knows her suspense now. And that's assuming she didn't before. Dumb assumption, don't you think?

Learn about how she spent a lot of time ghostwriting, how she has another pen name for romance, and oh... that little mystery thing with Annie's Attic!  Check them out. They offer audio on some of their series now!

Oh, and then there's that set we're both in this summer. You know, the one she's designing the cover for? Yeah. That one. Emilie Haney has a lot to offer us, and in this episode, we dip our toes into just a bit of it all. Seriously, we chatted for a long time before the show started, and I felt like I found a kindred spirit in her.

She's thanking the Lord daily that I haven't moved into her area. Can you blame her?

Expired Promise by Emilie Haney

Fire. Family. Faith.

A female fire-fighter and a hero ATF agent get a second chance at love, but when she's targeted, will the secrets of the past destroy them?

She’ll stop at nothing to protect her family.

Probie fire-fighter and EMT Andi Crawford loves her job, but when her family becomes the target of a dangerous drug cartel, she’ll have to choose between firefighting and protecting her family.

Even if that means accepting help from the one man who broke her heart.

The last thing he wants is to return home…

Superstar ATF Agent Jude Brooks never thought he’d return to Last Chance County—and especially not to uncover information about the Crawford family, the family who rescued him as a teen. The last person he wants to see is Andi…mostly because of the love he still has for her.

But working together to uncover the truth ignites all their old feelings and suddenly, he has to decide…the love he can’t forget, or a future he wants.

But what happens when the past shows up to destroy it all…

A romantic second chance at love suspense with a strong-but-wounded hero, a woman in danger, a found family, and a fight for justice with a surprise twist!

Another riveting Last Chance County romantic suspense!

Last Chance Fire and Rescue
1: Expired Return
2: Expired Hope
3: Expired Promise
4: Expired Vows (coming soon)

Last Chance County by Lisa Phillips
1: Expired Refuge
2: Expired Secrets
3: Expired Cache
4: Expired Hero
5: Expired Game
6: Expired Plot
7: Expired Getaway
8: Expired Betrayal
9: Expired Flight
10: Expired End

You can learn more about Emilie Haney on her WEBSITE.

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